Discover the 2020 T95H Android TV Box’s 6K Brilliance!

Discover the 2020 T95H Android TV Box’s 6K Brilliance!

Welcome to our product review post, where we’re excited to introduce you to the amazing 2020 T95H Android TV Box! Get ready to dive into a world of stunning brilliance with its eye-catching 6K resolution and powerful features. With its Android 10.0 operating system and Allwinner H616 Quad-Core processor, this TV box brings a seamless and lightning-fast experience to your living room. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the wonders of the T95H Android TV Box together!

2020 T95H Android TV Box 6K

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Impressive value
The Android TV Box 10.0 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Smart TV Box T95H exceeded our expectations, with its affordable price and smooth performance. While there were minor setbacks with the remote control and initial setup process, the device offers a fluid software experience, IPTV functionality, and the ability to use popular streaming services and function as a small computer with the addition of a keyboard. Overall, it’s a great budget-friendly option for those looking to explore the world of Android TV boxes.
Top Features
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth and fluid software
  • Offers IPTV functionality
  • Can use Prime Account, Netflix, and other streaming services
  • Can be used as a small computer with the addition of a keyboard
Product Weaknesses
  • Remote control quality
  • Initial setup process can be a bit tedious

The Sidiwen T95H Smart TV Box with Android 10.0 is an excellent product that offers an upgraded and efficient operating system for a faster and smoother user experience. With its Allwinner H616 Quad-Core processor, it delivers superior performance compared to the previous Android 9.0 system. This Android TV Box is specifically designed to provide better compatibility with a wide range of Android apps and features.

Equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM, this smart TV box provides ample storage space for your favorite apps, games, and media. Its 6K Ultra HD resolution ensures that you enjoy crisp and clear visuals on your TV. The T95H also supports 3D content, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals.

With two USB ports and various connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet, this TV box offers flexibility when it comes to connecting your devices. The inclusion of Miracast as a special feature allows you to easily mirror your smartphone or tablet screen on your TV, enhancing your multimedia experience.

The T95H Android 10.0 TV Box is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and fit into any home entertainment setup. It comes with everything you need to get started, including the TV box itself, a US power supply, an HD cable, a remote controller (batteries not included), and a user manual.

Technical Specifications
  • Operating System: Android 10.0
  • Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • Processor: Allwinner H616 Quad-Core
  • Display Resolution: 6K Ultra HD
  • Connectivity: 2.4G WiFi, 10/100M Ethernet
  • Special Features: 64bit H.265, 3D, Miracast
  • Ports: 2 USB ports
  • Compatible Devices: TV
  • This Android TV Box offers the latest Android 10.0 operating system with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It is powered by the Allwinner H616 Quad-Core processor, ensuring smooth performance. The box supports 6K Ultra HD resolution for a stunning visual experience
  • Connectivity options include 2.4G WiFi and 10/100M Ethernet, allowing you to connect seamlessly to the internet. The TV Box also supports 64bit H.265 decoding and 3D playback, providing enhanced video quality. Additionally, it features Miracast support for easy screen mirroring
  • With 2 USB ports, you can connect various devices to expand your entertainment options. The TV Box is compatible with TVs, making it a versatile choice for any setup
  • Please note that the package includes the TV box, a US power supply, an HD cable, a remote controller (batteries not included), and a user manual (English language not guaranteed). The product dimensions are 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm, with a weight of 100 grams
  • Rest assured, this Android TV Box comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind

As authorized retailers, we stand behind the products we offer, and the Sidiwen T95H Smart TV Box comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you. Experience the latest in Android TV technology with the T95H-2-16-de-black!

Enhanced Viewing Experience
  • Android 10.0 operating system
  • Allwinner H616 Quad-Core G31 GPU processor
  • 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM
  • Supports 6K resolution
  • H.265 decoding capability
  • 2.4G WiFi and 10/100M Ethernet connectivity

We recently purchased the Android TV Box 10.0 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Smart TV Box T95H, and we’d like to share our thoughts and experiences with you. As our first Android TV box, we were initially curious to see how it would perform and how easy it would be to navigate. With its affordable price, our expectations were moderate, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Fluid Software and Basic Configuration

The software on this TV box is surprisingly fluid, considering its price point. The basic configuration offers most of the features we were looking for, and they all work smoothly. We were able to access our favorite apps with ease, and the overall user experience was quite enjoyable.

Netflix App and Keyboard Solution

One minor drawback we encountered was with the Netflix app. It seems that the app is designed for tablets, resulting in a scrolling issue on the TV box. However, we found a simple solution by purchasing a small keyboard with integrated touch functionality. Not only did this solve the scrolling problem, but it also turned the TV box into a handy “small computer” for various tasks. We highly recommend this as an addition to enhance your experience.

Affordability and Versatility

One of the standout advantages of this Android TV box is its affordability. When compared to purchasing a TV without a smart system, the overall savings are significant. You can even consider investing the extra money saved in buying a used 40″ TV! We were pleased with the cost-effectiveness of this device, especially during these economic times when savings are crucial.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Android TV Box 10.0 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Smart TV Box T95H is a budget-friendly tool that exceeded our expectations. Despite a slight setback with the Netflix app, we were able to turn it into a versatile device with the addition of a keyboard. Considering its affordable price and smooth performance, this TV box is a great option for those looking to explore the world of Android TV boxes without breaking the bank.

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A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Perfect Android TV Box or Streaming Device

When it comes to selecting an Android TV box or streaming device, we understand that it can be overwhelming to navigate through the myriad of options available. To make the process easier, we recommend considering a few key factors. First, determine your budget and stick to it as there are options available across various price ranges. Next, assess your needs and preferences in terms of features, such as resolution, storage capacity, and connectivity options. Research and read reviews from trustworthy sources to gauge the performance and reliability of different models. Additionally, consider the reputation and support offered by the manufacturer or brand. Lastly, don’t forget to compare prices across different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. By keeping these factors in mind, you can confidently select an Android TV box or streaming device that meets your specific requirements and enhances your entertainment experience.

  • Processor and RAM: Check for a powerful processor, preferably quad-core or higher, and a generous amount of RAM (at least 2GB). These specs will ensure smooth and efficient performance when running various applications and streaming content
  • Storage capacity: Look for a TV box with ample internal storage, ideally 16GB or more. This will allow you to install and store a good number of apps, games, and videos without worrying about running out of space
  • Operating system: Ensure that the TV box runs on the latest Android operating system version, as this will offer improved compatibility, security, and access to the latest features and updates
  • Connectivity options: Check for multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB ports. This will allow for seamless wireless connections and the ability to connect various devices and accessories to enhance your user experience
  • Resolution and video quality: The T95H Android TV Box 6K supports up to 6K resolution, so be sure to confirm that the box supports this high resolution. This will ensure you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies with stunning visual quality
  • Streaming capabilities: Make sure the TV box supports popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Hulu. Compatibility with these apps will provide access to a wide range of content
  • User interface and ease of use: Look for a user-friendly interface that offers easy navigation and customization options. A well-designed interface will enhance your overall experience and make it convenient to access your favorite apps and content
  • Remote control: Check if the TV box comes with a remote control, preferably one with a built-in voice search feature. This will make it easier to control the TV box and quickly search for your desired content using voice commands
  • Customer reviews and ratings: Before making a final decision, take a few minutes to read customer reviews and check ratings of the product. This will give you valuable insights into the performance, reliability, and user satisfaction of the TV box

Signs to Help You Decide if the 2020 T95H Android TV Box 6K is Right for You

  • Insufficient RAM and ROM: The T95H Android TV Box you mentioned has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. If you require more storage or memory capacity for your needs, this might not be the ideal choice for you. Consider your media streaming or gaming requirements before making a decision
  • Compatibility concerns: Verify whether the TV Box is compatible with your existing devices or systems. Check if it supports the necessary software versions or if it’s limited to specific brands or models. Compatibility issues may hinder your overall product experience
  • Limited connectivity options: The T95H Android TV Box supports 2.4G Wi-Fi and 10/100M Ethernet connections. If you rely on faster internet speeds or prefer more network options like 5G Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet, this product may not meet your expectations
  • Outdated technology: Although the T95H Android TV Box includes several features such as 6K resolution support and 3D capabilities, remember to consider the technological advancements in the market. If you seek more advanced features, you might want to explore other options or newer models
  • Negative customer reviews: Take the time to read feedback from other users who have purchased and used the product. This can give you valuable insights into any potential issues or limitations you may encounter

Discover the ultimate entertainment experience with the Android TV Box 10.0. Immerse yourself in 6K resolution, seamless streaming, and a world of endless possibilities for just $XX.XX. Upgrade your TV today!


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  1. Is this Android TV box compatible with all types of TVs? I have an older model and I’m not sure if it will work.

  2. If you’re looking for alternatives, I’ve heard the Xiaomi Mi Box S and the Nvidia Shield TV are popular choices.

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