NVIDIA Shield TV: The Ultimate Entertainment Hub

NVIDIA Shield TV: The Ultimate Entertainment Hub

Welcome to our review of the NVIDIA Shield TV! If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate entertainment hub, look no further. Packed with the impressive NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor, this sleek device is 25% faster than its predecessor, ensuring lightning-fast performance. Get ready to level up your streaming experience with high-performance 4K HDR entertainment and access to a wide range of apps and games. Get cozy, because we’re about to dive into all the fantastic features that make the NVIDIA Shield TV a must-have for any entertainment lover.

NVIDIA Shield TV: Ultimate Entertainment Hub

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Incredible streaming experience!
The NVIDIA Shield TV is a top-notch streaming player with a sleek design, powerful performance, and user-friendly interface. It offers the ability to install a variety of apps, including VLC, and supports multiple audio and video codecs for an excellent streaming experience. The included remote control is also worth noting for its convenience and programmable infrared emitter.
Endless Entertainment Options
  • Compact design with built-in power supply
  • Powerful performance and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to install a variety of apps, including VLC
  • Support for multiple audio/video codecs, including DTS
  • Excellent remote control with programmable infrared emitter

The NVIDIA Shield® TV is an exceptional product that offers a wide range of features and functionalities. With this device, you can easily search and access movies, TV shows, and programs, as well as have full control over your playback experience. It even provides convenient options to manage your home theater and lighting systems. But that’s not all, the Shield TV also allows you to transform it into a powerful gaming PC, providing you with access to hundreds of games through the GeForce NOW platform.

One of the notable features of the NVIDIA Shield® TV is its impressive speed. Powered by the latest Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor, it is 25% faster than its previous generation, ensuring smooth performance and responsiveness. With 2 GB of RAM, you can expect seamless multitasking and efficient operation. The device also comes with 8 MB of flash memory, which is eMLC type, offering fast and reliable storage capabilities.

In terms of connectivity, the Shield TV supports HDMI and USB 3.0 interfaces, allowing you to connect a variety of devices. The integrated graphics card with GDDR3 RAM ensures stunning visuals, providing an immersive entertainment experience. The product is compatible with TVs and comes with the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

With its sleek TV box form factor and dimensions of 24 x 69 x 2.5 cm, the NVIDIA Shield® TV is a compact and stylish addition to your home entertainment setup. It weighs only 137 grams, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Product Specifications
  • Model: NVIDIA Shield® TV (Model: 945-13430-2505-000)
  • Memory: 2GB RAM with 8MB Flash Memory (eMLC)
  • Storage: 8GB Hard Drive (Solid State) with HDMI and USB 3.0 interface
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 for a 3840 standing screen display size
  • Operating System: Steam OS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Ethernet options available

Overall, the NVIDIA Shield® TV offers an impressive array of features and performance. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows or dive into a world of gaming, this product has got you covered. It provides a seamless, user-friendly experience and is built to enhance your entertainment possibilities.

The Perfect Streaming Companion
  • NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor
  • 25% faster than previous generation
  • High-performance streaming
  • 4K HDR entertainment
  • Access to a wide range of apps and games
  • Voice control and Google Assistant integration

Hardware and Packaging:The NVIDIA Shield TV is designed to be a powerful streaming player, perfect for those who use Plex, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. Compared to other devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, the Shield stands out with its sleek tube-shaped design that easily blends in with your AV equipment. The integrated power supply is a plus, although it does require an active fan due to its higher heat output. However, the fan is virtually silent and doesn’t compromise the device’s performance. One great feature is the built-in Ethernet port, which is missing in the Fire TV Stick. The build quality of the Shield is top-notch, as is the included remote, which feels comfortable in the hand and has backlit buttons.

Software and Apps:The NVIDIA Shield TV comes with Android TV 9, which offers a slightly less intuitive interface compared to the Fire TV. However, it still provides access to a wide range of apps through the Google Play Store, including the popular Kodi app. This is a major advantage as the Fire TV Stick requires manual sideloading for Kodi. The app selection on both devices is similar, but it’s worth noting that some Amazon apps are missing on the Shield, while the Fire TV Stick doesn’t have Google Play Movies or Music.

Performance and Compatibility:The Shield TV is known for its powerful performance, making it ideal for those who want to stream high-resolution content or play games. With support for various audio and video codecs, including DTS, the Shield offers a better audio experience compared to some smart TVs. Additionally, it performs exceptionally well when decoding compressed video formats, thanks to its compatibility with the VLC media player. The device also offers smooth and fast scrolling, which is a great improvement over standard casting devices.

Bottom Line:Overall, the NVIDIA Shield TV is a top-notch streaming player that delivers excellent performance and compatibility. Its sleek design and built-in Ethernet port are great features, although the lack of an included HDMI cable may be disappointing to some. While the software interface may not be as user-friendly as the Fire TV, it still provides access to a wide range of apps through the Google Play Store, including the popular Kodi app. If you’re looking for a streaming player that offers both exceptional visual and audio performance, the NVIDIA Shield TV is definitely worth considering.

AU $25,367.00
in stock

Introducing the Nvidia Shield TV Pro: The ultimate hub for all your entertainment needs!

Explore alternative devices to enhance your entertainment experience beyond NVIDIA Shield TV

Useful tips for finding the perfect media streaming device or gaming console

When it comes to selecting media streaming devices and gaming consoles, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, determine your needs and preferences. Are you primarily looking for a device to stream movies and shows, or do you also want gaming capabilities? Next, research and compare different models available in the market, considering factors like compatibility with your TV, available apps and games, and user-friendly interface. It’s also worth checking for additional features such as voice control, 4K resolution, and HDR support. Price is another important aspect to consider, so be sure to weigh the features and performance against your budget. Additionally, reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can provide valuable insights. Finally, make sure to check for any exclusive content or services offered by specific devices or consoles that align with your interests. By considering these factors, we can help you select the perfect media streaming device or gaming console that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Powerful Gaming Capability: The NVIDIA Shield TV offers exceptional gaming performance, so make sure to check if it has the latest NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor to enjoy smooth and immersive gaming experiences
  • High-Quality Video Output: Look for 4K HDR support to ensure stunning visual quality. The NVIDIA Shield TV supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, delivering crisp and vibrant images
  • Extensive Content Compatibility: Check if the device supports popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube, as well as various other apps and platforms
  • Storage Capacity: Depending on your needs, consider the storage capacity of the NVIDIA Shield TV. Look for models with ample storage or those with expandable storage options, such as microSD card slots or USB ports
  • Remote Control Features: Ensure that the included remote control is user-friendly with intuitive navigation buttons, voice search capabilities, and a built-in microphone for voice commands
  • Versatile Connectivity: Look for a device that offers multiple connectivity options, such as HDMI ports, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect external devices and accessories seamlessly
  • Google Assistant Integration: Check if the NVIDIA Shield TV has built-in integration with Google Assistant, enabling hands-free voice control for tasks like searching for content, adjusting volume, or getting weather updates
  • App Ecosystem: Look for a device that provides access to a wide range of apps and games through the Google Play Store or NVIDIA’s dedicated app store, ensuring a diverse entertainment experience
  • Firmware Updates and Support: Ensure that the NVIDIA Shield TV receives regular software updates and has a strong support system to provide ongoing improvements, bug fixes, and new features
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: It’s always helpful to read customer reviews and check the overall ratings to gauge the satisfaction level of current users, ensuring that you make an informed buying decision

How to Recognize the Warning Signs that NVIDIA Shield TV Might Not Be the Perfect Entertainment Hub for You.

  • Gaming is not a priority: The NVIDIA Shield® TV is primarily known for its gaming capabilities. If gaming is not your cup of tea and you’re looking for a streaming device solely for entertainment purposes, you might want to explore other options that prioritize streaming features
  • Limited need for advanced features: The Shield TV offers advanced features such as 4K HDR streaming and AI upscaling. If you don’t have a 4K HDR TV or don’t see a need for these advanced features, you might not be fully utilizing the power of the NVIDIA Shield® TV

Frequently Asked Questions about Media Streaming Devices and Gaming Consoles

How do media streaming devices and gaming consoles differ in terms of features and functionality?

Media streaming devices and gaming consoles differ in terms of features and functionality. Media streaming devices, such as the NVIDIA Shield TV, are specifically designed to provide easy access to a wide range of streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. They focus on delivering high-quality video and audio streaming, offering a variety of apps and channels.

On the other hand, gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation offer a more comprehensive gaming experience. They not only provide access to streaming services but also have a dedicated focus on gaming functionalities. Gaming consoles feature powerful hardware, optimized controllers, and a vast library of games to choose from. They often support online multiplayer gaming and give a more immersive gaming experience.

So, while media streaming devices prioritize streaming services and content consumption, gaming consoles prioritize gaming features and capabilities. However, it’s worth noting that the NVIDIA Shield TV does offer gaming capabilities as well, with access to a wide range of Android games and the ability to stream PC games with GeForce NOW.

Can the NVIDIA Shield TV be used for gaming?

Yes, the NVIDIA Shield TV can definitely be used for gaming. It is a powerful streaming device that also doubles as a gaming console. It supports a wide range of popular gaming titles and offers a smooth and immersive gaming experience. With its high-performance GPU and compatibility with popular gaming platforms like GeForce NOW, it allows users to enjoy a variety of games right on their TV. Whether you prefer casual games or more demanding titles, the NVIDIA Shield TV has you covered.

Discover the ultimate entertainment experience with NVIDIA Shield® TV. Immerse yourself in stunning 4K HDR content, enjoy your favorite apps, and stream games seamlessly, all in one sleek and powerful device.


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  1. The user-friendly interface is definitely a plus! It’s important to have a streaming player that is easy to navigate and use.

    1. Absolutely! The user-friendly interface is one of the key features of the NVIDIA Shield TV. It’s designed to make the streaming experience seamless and enjoyable.

  2. Great review! I’ve been considering getting the NVIDIA Shield TV and this review has convinced me that it’s a top-notch streaming player.

  3. Does the NVIDIA Shield TV work well with all TVs? I have an older TV and I’m not sure if it would be compatible.

    1. The NVIDIA Shield TV is compatible with most TVs, including older models. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specifications and compatibility requirements before making a purchase.

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